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Links on Phrygia

Excavations at Gordion
This site, made by the Gordion archaeological team, will provide you with the latest news of the excavations at Gordion, the capital of the Phrygian kingdom

Gordion, a bibliography
Extensive bibliography on Gordion and Phrygia. Classified by themes. Essential for further information.

Körte's monography on his excavations in Gordion
This book was hard to find before it was put on-line by the library of the University of Chicago. Very useful !

P.I. Kuniholm's site on dendrochronology, a technique changing deeply the chronology of ancient history, specially in Anatolia.

Funerary Feast of Kind Midas
P. MacGovern analyzed the remains of the pots in tumulus MM of Gordion and reconstructed the funerary banquet. Very interesting and good links.

Excavations at Daskyleion
Very important website made by Tomris Bakir, the director of the archaeological team excavating this Persian satrapy located by the Marmara Sea, in N-W Turkey. The main period of settlement is 6th - 4th century B.C.

Excavations in Kerkenes Dagh
This archaeological site will probably change our perception of Iron Age in Anatolia.

Greek Mythology link / Phrygia section
The Greek Mythology Link is a new collection of the Greek myths being written and published on line by Carlos Parada, author of the book "Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology", published in 1993. His Phrygians section contains a map of Phrygia and links to the main characters who have lived in Phrygia.

This collection of photos out of the archives of Cox features ancient funerary monuments from the roman period of Phrygian culture. It is the on-line version of the Monumenta Asia Minoris Antiqua. You can also find a map of Roman Phrygia.

Les Phrygiens
Une page pour des informations générales sur les Phrygiens.

Le roi Midas
Un bref topo sur le roi Midas.

Le roi Midas : la légende réinterprétée
L'histoire du don de tout transformer en or, racontée avec humour et fantaisie.

Phrygian recipes
Modern recipes inspired by the scientific discoveries of tumulus MM in Gordion. Not all scientific but interesting (and tasty !).

L'Institut Français d'Etudes Anatoliennes (IFEA)
The site of an Institute working on numerous fields, including archaeology. The library has most of the books written by travelors in Turkey before the 20th century ; they are scheduled to be on-line.

The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara (BIAA)
The website of a good library in Turkey and an active research center.

The Achemenids
Good site to be informed of the latest researches on the Persian domination of the Ancient world.