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King Midas
King Midas is the central figure of Phrygian history, and the only king we are sure he existed. He seemed to be so important that he became a myth.

King Midas - the legends and the truth
The dichotomy of King Midas in ancient texts

The last dinner of King Midas
A reconstitution of a funerary banquet in Phrygia, due to remains found in Tumulus MM at Gordion.

Short bibliography on King Midas
Major references to learn about Midas


In Phrygia, the religion is centered on the feminine figure of Matar, the Mother. It is not yet sure that a male principle existed near her.

The Phrygian pantheon
A brief English version of the main aspects of Phrygian religion.

An article in French out of the Encyclopedia Universalis. This article concerns mostly the goddess in Classical and Roman times.

Overview of rock-cut monuments
These monuments, mostly religious, are still enigmas for the archaeologists

Funerary habits in Phrygia
A brief overview of the main funerary types in Phrygia

Les pratiques funéraires en Phrygie (version courte)
Un bref topo en français sur les pratiques funéraires phrygiennes

Les pratiques funéraires en Phrygie (version longue)
Un exposé plus complet sur les différentes pratiques funéraires

Phrygia and the Bible
The name 'Phrygia' appears in the Bible, even if we can't learn much from it ...


Phrygian alphabet

An unsolved question
A brief English version

L'alphabet phrygien
La version courte

L'alphabet phrygien version longue
Un topo aussi complet que possible sur cette question épineuse

Overview on Phrygian writing
Example of phrugian script



Thematic bibliography
This external link will bring you to a thematic bibliography on Gordion and Phrygian archaeology made by the Gordion team. Great for further information.

Complete bibliography
Up-to-date in December 2003

Latest bibliography
The last publications on Phrygia (3-4 months old)

Short bibliography
What you should read first to know more about Phrygia



Phrygia is in Turkey : the latest news from Turkey.


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